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Installation wizard for TeemIp as an iTop module

This is the process to install TeemIp as an iTop extension:

  1. At the root of the iTop installation path, create (if it does not already exist) a directory named extensions
  2. If iTop is already installed, make sure that the configuration file conf/production/config-itop.php is not read-only.
  3. Download from SourceForge
  4. Expand the zip file and copy the content of the web/extensions directory in the extensions directory of iTop. From there, the process will vary according to your the version of iTop you are currently using, as explained here. On an iTop 2.4.0 and above, you should see the following TeemIp directories under extensions/teemip-core-ip-mgmt/:
    • extension.xml
    • teemip-config-mgmt-adaptor
    • teemip-endusers-devices-adaptor
    • teemip-ip-mgmt
    • teemip-ipv6-mgmt
    • teemip-network-mgmt
    • teemip-storage-mgmt-adpator
    • teemip-virtualization-mgmt-adaptor
  5. Launch the iTop setup by pointing your browser to http://<your_itop_root>/setup and follow the instructions.
  6. When prompted to pick the extensions to install, only 3 of the TeemIp extensions do appear and all of them are preselected:
    • Network Management
    • IP Management
    • IPv6 Management
  7. And none of the adaptor modules appear. These are automatically selected (or not) by the application that checks if the corresponding module is in use in iTop or not.
    • TeemIp adaptor for iTop End-user Devices Management
    • TeemIp adaptor for iTop Storage Mgmt
    • TeemIp adaptor for iTop Virtualization Mgmt
    • TeemIp adaptor for iTop Config Mgmt

Select IP Management in the extensions list

Follow then the standard installation process until completion.

If TeemIp modules do not appear in the list of extensions (or if the whole extensions step is skipped during the setup), make sure that the web server process has enough rights to read the extensions directory.
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