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TeemIp Community Wiki

Welcome to the TeemIp Community documentation wiki!

Structure of this documentation

In order to make navigation easier, the documentation has been split into books:

  • The What's new chapter highlights the new features provided by TeemIp and provides a cumulative change log,
  • The User Manual explains all you need to know to use the application, independently of the installed data model. Because TeemIp relies on the same application engine as iTop, reference, here, is made to iTop's User Manual.
  • The Portal Manual is for users who access TeemIp through its “portal” user interface.
  • The Data Model Documentation explains the different objects managed in TeemIp, their role and relationships as well as the actions that can be applied on them.
  • The Administrator's Guide explains how administrate TeemIp on a day-to-day basis.
  • Finally, the Integration chapter describes how to integrate TeemIp with its environment.
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