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TeemIp Data Model

IP Management

IP Management is the heart of TeemIp. This is the place where IPv4 and IPv6 spaces are administered. A set of IP objects modelizes your IP spaces:

IPv4 and IPv6 spaces are unique per organization. Two different organizations, regardless of their hierarchical relation, if any, handle two different IPv4 and IPv6 spaces.

IP Space overview IP Management menu

And different tools dedicated to the IP world help you with that task.


The Configuration Management Data Base defines the objects (Configuration Items or CIs) that can be managed inside TeemIp, next to the pure IP objects (subnets, addresses, etc.). Widely inherited from iTop, it defines all the physical devices (PCs, Servers, Printers, Network devices, Telephones, etc.) but also some logicals elements (Groups, Application Solutions, Business Processes), software objects (Software Instances, Licenses, etc.), structuring entities (Organizations, Locations, etc…) and objects that are specific to network management (Domains, AS numbers, VRFs, etc..). Persons and Teams are also defined in this module.

In order to keep the elements to manage as simple as possible while covering most IT needs, the configuration management domain has been split into 6 modules, including a TeemIp specific one that groups the objects related to network management.

Module Name Description
CMDB Core This module is mandatory and covers all the basic building blocks of the CMDB: Organizations, Persons, Teams, Servers, Software Entitites, Groups…
Datacenter Devices This optional module provides support for datacenter related devices: Racks, Envlosures, Power connections and PDUs.
End-Users Devices This optional module provides support for end-user related devices: PCs, Telephones, Printers and other Peripherals.
Network Management This module is mandatory and provides network specific objects: IP Interfaces, VLANs, WAN links, DNS domains, AS numbers, VRFs.
Storage Management This optional module defines objects to manage advanced storage infrastructures, including SAN, NAS, Storage Systems, Fiber Channel Interfaces, Volumes…
Virtualization Management Virtual Machines, Hypervisors, Farms are defined in this module. You don't need to install this module if you don't want to managed virtualized infrastructures.

The linkage between CIs and IPs that TeemIp enables is described in the IP Addresses chapter.

TeemIp Configuration

TeemIp is a highly configurable application and many parameters allow you to adapt it to your own IP Management practices:

  • IP Settings reachable from the Configuration menu set behaviours on a per organization basis,
  • The Configuration file defines behaviours that are global to the application,
  • Typology elements listed in the Data administration menu allow administrators to match some IP attributes with their IP Management habits,
  • Notifications in the Admin tools menu help to proactively manage IP capacity.
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