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IP Settings

Unlike most iTop's extensions, the definition of TeemIp configuration parameters is split between a dedicated class of objects, named Global IP Setting, and the general configuration file.

  • Global IP Settings host the parameters that are specific to an organization,
  • The general configuration file defines parameters that drive TeemIp's generic behaviour and enables the default value of Global IP Settings parameters to be overwritten.

Global IP Setting

Global IP Setting objects store all parameters that drive TeemIp behaviour.

Global IP Settings Properties

Name Type Mandatory?
General Information
Organization Foreign key to a(n) Organization Yes
Name Alphanumeric string No
Requestor Foreign key to a(n) Person No
Name Type Allowed values Default value Extension
Default Settings for IP Requests IP Request Management
Offset for the creation of IPs within IPv4 subnets Number Any 0 IP Request Management
Offset for the creation of IPs within IPv6 subnets Number Any 0 IP Request Management
Default Settings for Subnet Blocks
Minimum size of IPv4 Subnet Blocks Number > 1 256
Minimum size of IPv6 Subnet Blocks CIDR > /64 /64
Align IPv4 Subnet Blocks to CIDR Boolean Yes / No Yes
Align IPv6 Subnet Blocks to CIDR Boolean Yes / No Yes
Delegate blocks to children organizations only Boolean Yes / No Yes
Default Settings for Subnets
Reserve Subnet, Gateway and Broadcast IPs at Subnet Creation Boolean Yes / No No
IPv4 Gateway IP Enum Broadcast IP - 1 / Subnet IP + 1 / Free Allocation Subnet IP + 1
IPv6 Gateway IP Enum Last subnet IP / Subnet IP + 1 / Free Allocation Subnet IP + 1
Symetrical Subnet NAT Boolean Yes / No No
Subnet Low Water Mark (%) Percentage 0 - 100 60
Subnet High Water Mark (%) Percentage 0 - 100 80
Default Settings for IP Ranges
IP Range Low Water Mark (%) Percentage 0 - 100 60
IP Range High Water Mark (%) Percentage 0 - 100 80
Default Settings for IPs
Allow Duplicate Names Boolean Yes / No No
Ping IP before assigning it ? Boolean Yes / No No
Symetrical IP NAT Boolean Yes / No No
Copy CI's name into IP's short name Boolean Yes / No No
Compute FQDN when short name is empty Boolean Yes / No No
Allocate IPs attached to production CIs Boolean Yes / No Yes
Release IPs from CIs that become obsolete Boolean Yes / No No
Un-allocate IPs that are not attached to a CI Boolean Yes / No No
Release IPs from subnets that are released Boolean Yes / No Yes
Domain Information
Delegate domains to children organizations only Boolean Yes / No No
Automatically update DNS records Boolean Yes / No No DNS Zone Management
Other information
MAC Address Output Format Enum Colons / Hyphens / Dots Colons
The MAC Address Output Format defines the format used to display MAC addresses: colons (01:23:45:67:89:ab), hyphens (01-23-45-67-89-ab) or dots (0123.4567.89ab). Regardless that format, the MAC address will always be stored in the data base following the colons format. And any format can be used to enter a MAC address.

Listing Global IP Settings

From the Configuration menu, under the General Configuration sub-menu, the Global IP Settings shortcut displays the IP Setting used by the different organizations.

There can be only one Global IP Seetings per organization.

Creating a new Global IP Settings

From the listing view, click on the “New…” menu to display the creation form.

Modifying Global IP Settings

From the detailed view of a Global IP Setting, click on the “Modify” button. Basically, all parameters can be changed here but, of course, the organization.

Automatic creation

A Global IP Setting for a given organization is now mandatory to create an IP object for that organization. First option is to create the Global IP Setting before creating an IP Object. Second option is to directly create the IP Object. Indeed, as soon as the organization is selected in the IP object creation form, TeemIp checks if a corresponding Global IP Setting exits for that organization and automatically creates one if it is not the case.

When the Global IP Setting is automatically created, parameters are set with the default values defined in TeemIp's data model. It is however possible to overload these default values through the general Configuration file, as described below.

Configuration File

The standard General Configuration file that can be reached under the Configuration menu may host parameters for TeemIp. If any, these will be grouped within the “Modules specific settings” part, under the teemip-ip-mgmt block. This block hosts different set of parameters dedicated to different TeemIps features.

	'teemip-ip-mgmt' => array (
		'feature_1' => array (
		'feature_n' => array (

The following chapters describe the different features available.

Default Global IP Settings

This block is used to overwrite the default TeemIp parameters defined in the data model. It contains sub-blocks of parameters dedicated to the different TeemIp extensions and a general attribute to enable or disable the whole block. All the parameters defined here above can be reset but only the ones that need to overwrite defaults need to sit here.

The structure of the block is as follows:

Name Type Allowed values Description
enabled Boolean true, false
All attributes that do not belong to a Teemip extension
All attributes defined in TeemIp Request Management
All attributes defined in DNS Zone Management

In the following example, only parameter 'request_creation_ipv4_offset' will be changed to 5 where its defaults value is 0.

		'default_global_ip_settings' => array (
		  'enabled' => true,
		  'ip_request_parameters' => 
		  array (
		    'request_creation_ipv4_offset' => 5,

IP Address Navigation

This block defines how one can navigate between adjacent IPs, a feature described in the IP Address chapter. It holds the following parameter:

Name Type Allowed values Description
enabled Boolean true, false Enable the block
within_subnet_only Boolean true, false Limit the navigation within the subnet the IP belongs to


		'ip_navigation' => array (
		  'enabled' => true,
		  'within_subnet_only' => true,

Automatic IP Release


Automatic IP Allocation


Automatic IP Un-assignment


IP Watermarks


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