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TeemIp Data Collectors

Data collectors are standalone ETL applications that help integrate TeemIp within its environment. They are designed to work with TeemIp embedded Data Synchronization engine.

CollectorDescriptionVersionRelease DateProviderPHP Compatibility
Data collector BaseInventory Data Collector toolkit for creating your own data collectors1.3.02023-03-15Combodo8.1
Data collector for LDAPSynchronization of Persons and Users from an Active Directory/LDAP Directory1.3.02023-03-10Combodo8.1
Data collector for OCS InventoryData Collector for OCS Inventory NG2.0.02023-03-28Combodo8.1
Data collector for vSphereInventory Data Collector for VMWare vSphere1.1.02023-03-10Combodo8.1
IP Discovery Data collectorData collector to discover IP addresses3.1.22023-10-30TeemIp8.1
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