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Integrate TeemIp

In alignement with iTop philosophy to be an open tool that easily integrates within its environment, TeemIp reuse and extends the integration tools available in that framework.

Import / Export pages

Import and export mechanisms in TeemIp just rely on iTop import and export features that are described here.

Data Synchronization

Data synchronization in Teemip is nothing more than iTop's one described here.

REST/JSON services

Starting with revision 2.3.0, TeemIp enriches iTop web services with its own REST/JSON services dedicated to IP management. These enable the following programmatic operations:

  • get the number of registered IPs in subnets
  • automatically create an IP in a subnet
  • automatically create an IP in an IP range
  • automatically create a subnet in an IP block
  • get a DNS zone db file
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