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Data Model Documentation

TeemIp provides 3 main modules:

  • A Configuration Management Data base, enriched from iTop standard one,
  • An IP Management module to manage IP spaces,
  • A Helpdesk dedicated to the creation of IP objects.


The Configuration Management Data Base is the referential that documents the Configuration Items managed in TeemIp (hardware, software, network) as well as structuring elements like teams or organizations.

IP Management

IP Management modules are the heart of TeemIp and are, therefore, mandatory. They allow administrators to efficiently manage both their IPv4 and IPv6 spaces.

IP Discovery

In order to automatize the management of IP spaces, an IP discovery engine has been added to TeemIp.


TeemIp provides an optional extension dedicated to the handling of user requests related to subnets and IP addresses. It eases helpdesk operations and automatizes standard subnet and IP allocation operations. Users can log their request through a simple dedicated portal.

Zone Management

A zone management extension is available to manage most commonly used DNS records in relation with the managed IP space and the CMDB.


TeemIp standalone contains all TeemIp extensions. However, TeemIp as a module, which is installed on top of an iTop software instance, does not. iTop administrators who wish to add TeemIp extensions to their environment will need to browse the Extension chapter of this wiki and pick what they need in the list of available extensions.

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