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Configuration Management Data Base

The configuration management data base defines the objects that can be managed inside TeemIp next to the pure IP objects (subnets, addresses, etc.). Widely inherited from iTop, it defines all the physical devices (PCs, Servers, Printers, Network devices, Telephones, etc.) but also some logicals elements (Groups, Application Solutions, Business Processes), software objects (Software Instances, Licenses, etc.), structuring entities (Organizations and Locations) and objects that are specific to network management (Domains, AS numbers, etc). Persons and Teams are also defined in this module.

In order to keep the elements to manage as simple as possible while covering most IT needs, the configuration management domain has been split into 6 modules, including a TeemIp specific one that groups the objects related to network management.

Module Name Description
CMDB Core This module is mandatory and covers all the basic building blocks of the CMDB: Organizations, Persons, Teams, Servers, Software Entitites, Groups…
Datacenter Devices This optional module provides support for datacenter related devices: Racks, Envlosures, Power connections and PDUs.
End-Users Devices This optional module provides support for end-user related devices: PCs, Telephones, Printers and other Peripherals.
Network Management This module is mandatory and provides network specific objects: IP Interfaces, VLANs, WAN links, DNS domains, AS numbers, VRFs.
Storage Management This optional module defines objects to manage advanced storage infrastructures, including SAN, NAS, Storage Systems, Fiber Channel Interfaces, Volumes…
Virtualization Management Virtual Machines, Hypervisors, Farms are defined in this module. You don't need to install this module if you don't want to managed virtualized infrastructures.

Linking CIs to IPs

In TeemIp, many configuration items have one or multiple IP addresses as attributes. These addresses are actually keys toward IPv4 or IPv6 objects managed through the IP Management module. When attaching or detaching an IP address to or from a CI, the following points should be kept in mind:

  • When a CI is created or modified, only addresses which status is released or unassigned (ie not allocated nor reserved) are offered,
  • Status of an IP is automatically changed to allocated when it is attached to a device or to released when removed from it,
  • When attached and if enabled through IP settings, the name of the CI is copied into the short name of the IP,
  • When detached and if enabled through IP settings, the short name of the IP is reset to an empty string.

More details can be found in the wiki page dedicated to IP addresses.

Obsoleting CIs with IPs

TeemIp's standard datamodel defines a status for most CIs : implementation, obsolete, production, stock. A conditional behaviour triggered by configuration parameters removes all the IPs attached to CIs that have a specific status (obsolete by default) as well as all the IPs attached to the interfaces of these CIs. These removed IPs are set to to the 'released' state.

This action is not done when a CI is moved to the specific state but through a background task that runs, by default, every 1 hour.


Once TeemIp has been installed, the standard configuration file config-itop.php will show the following section under the modules specific settings:

	'teemip-ip-mgmt' => array (
		'ip_release_on_ci_status' => array (
		  'enabled' => true,
		  'debug' => false,
		  'periodicity' => 3600,
		  'status_list' => array (
Parameter Type Description Default Value
enabled boolean Should the process run? false
debug boolean Should the CRON log be enriched with debug information? false
periodicity integer Defines the periodicity of the process, in seconds 3600
status_list array IP release process will be applied to CIs with these status ['obsolete']

When the process is enabled, TeemIp administrator can further decide to activate or deactivate it for each organization. This is controlled through the global IP settings parameter “Release IPs of CIs that become obsolete”.

By default, the process is disabled both globally and at the Global IP settings level !
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